Arab Bread Day 2023 will be observed this year by ESCWA Beirut 10 July, in partnership with The Arab Federation for Food Industries (AFFI) under the theme “Our Loaf… Our Strength.” On this occasion, a symposium is conducted to debate several issues, such as the COVID-19 effect, the situation in Ukraine, climate change, and national and regional disputes, as well as the wheat and bread business in the Arab region.

Consumer Lebanon joined in on the celebration, and Prof. Nada NEHME, vice-president of the CL, spoke about the standards of the bread and the importance to updated the standards and put the whole wheat to promote more nutrition for the consumers and to reflect the bread as important Meddiet meal in the regions in order to guarantee the quality of the consumed product.

The purpose of the workshop day is to raise awareness of the difficulties that the region has in obtaining a grain crop and a loaf of bread so that policymakers and other key stakeholders may examine their effects on the nutritional status of the various nations and learn from them.

• The status quo and future outlook for grain production in the Arab world.

• The drawbacks of reliance on imported grains and solutions to them.

• Increasing the bread’s nutritional content.

•Reflect the pilot project in the Arabic country to promote the bread made from whole wheat (Baladi) and natural yeast.

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