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Who is the Consumer Association – Lebanon?

Since 1998, a group of interested people met to study the economic and social conditions of citizens and their rights because they shape people’s lives The daily saw a lame economy that depends on the financial sector, the trade sector, real estate, and a little tourism, and neglects other sectors Agriculture industry or modern technology and others.
An economy controlled by politicians and a corruption system that lives on tax evasion and tax theft Sad and to manipulate the laws according to the needs of the dominant political groups.
An economy in which monopolies control more than 80%. As for The basic services in it, such as health, education, transportation, communications, water and electricity, are among the most expensive and worst in the world. economy pays For the citizen the price of goods and services is 25 to 30% higher than all the countries in the region.
A country where bribery is the main base.
A country that is not governed by no The laws, the constitution, and the official administrations.
Rather, a network headed by six leaders. A country that chooses between these laws what suits their interests There are 34 laws whose regulatory decrees have not been issued for more than 10 years. The Consumer Protection Act is one of them.
Safety Bill Food and the draft competition law are still in the Parliament’s listing This reality makes Lebanon a country that has nothing to do with the modern state that the majority of the peoples of the earth have succeeded in building. Unstable country lives on.
Wars and earthquakes The responsibility of building a modern state is the task of the citizens and the living forces of society, including parties, economic forces, trade unions and civil society organizations. Defending the rights of consumers is one of the foundations that secure stability, especially amid the earthquakes in the region. health insurance Education, electricity, telecommunications, water, and transportation with correct specifications and low costs do not only serve citizens, but they constitute the most important conditions Building a solid, broad and diversified economy. Many countries have neither oil nor natural resources, and a small population, but they have the will political, managed to reach the highest ranks among the countries of the world.
Lebanon is stagnating with a primitive and insignificant economy because it did not produce forces and elites Deep connection with its diverse and ambitious society. Look at the endless crises, wars and divisions, is this what he wants? our youth? Immigration, unemployment, hate, corruption and despair? The Consumer Association is one of these humble groups that insist on the constitution, on the state of modern laws, and on securing rights Consumers in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and on building security, economic, social and psychological stability.
Consumer Association started since 1998 her stubbornly long journey.
Hundreds of campaigns have been waged, and sometimes for more than a decade, the same demands have been repeated. Sometimes it fails, sometimes it succeeds And here she continues to knock on doors tirelessly. Come to work with us. This is our country and we are the ones who can paint its picture. Do not wait for countries The region or the great powers to draw its features and role because they will draw it in its image, not according to our ambitions.
To Our Youth: Permanent Migration The task of reform is for future generations. Why do you blame your problems on your children? We are all responsible for poverty, corruption, hatred and wars

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Legal notes you should know

Complaining is also a responsibility Complaining to the Consumer Association and several departments at the same time frightens corrupt employees and companies that want to...

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Legal notes you should know

Complaining is also a responsibility Complaining to the Consumer Association and several departments at the same time frightens corrupt employees and companies that want to...